Identify the potential problems the client may have

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Using the Case Study: Your Client from Module 7 DQ 1, identify the potential problems the client may have with Marlatt's relapse prevention model and explain a few techniques you would use to handle them.

Reference no: EM131437553

Discuss empirically validated therapies and techniques

Discuss empirically validated therapies and techniques that have been developed for life-span addictions. In your discussion, choose one type of cultural individual from the

What are the cultural issues

The client presents with concerns regarding alcohol and marijuana use. The client reports an increase in use, over the past year, to daily use. The client's social support s

Paper - childhood exposure to domestic violence

Topic: Detailed paper outlining survey for "Childhood Exposure to Domestic Violence has casual effects on people's adult aggression." Have you ever been in physical fight as

Describe and explain the models of addictions counseling

Delineate and explain the models of addictions counseling. Identify the model that you feel you are most likely to utilize in practice, and provide a reason for why you are

Discuss about substance addictions and process addictions

Describe the ethical controversy in substance abuse counseling with respect to implementing research-based practice counseling techniques and best-practice counseling techni

Discuss the role and importance of confidentiality

Explain the differences between substance use, misuse, abuse, and dependence. Use DSM diagnosis to provide differences in categories.Identify at least three different purpos

Create a chart detailing the techniques used in motivatinal

Create a chart detailing the five techniques used in motivational interviewing:Define and illustrate counselor techniques of motivational interviewing.Explain how the techniqu

How the approaches are combined to form the treatment

Research and write a paper in which you compare and contrast two of the following counseling approaches: cognitive behavioral, contingency management contracting, CRA, brief


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