Identify the model of nursing care that you observed

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The purpose of this assignment is toidentify nursing care models utilized in today's various health care settings and enhance your knowledge of how models impact the management of care and may influence delegation. You will assess the effectiveness of models anddetermine how you would collaborate with a nurse leader to identify opportunities for improvement to ensure quality, safety and staff satisfaction.

Course Outcomes

Completion of this assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes.

1: Apply leadership concepts, skills, and decision making in the provision of high quality nursing care, healthcare team management, and the oversight and accountability for care delivery in a variety of settings.

2: Implement patient safety and quality improvement initiatives within the context of the interprofessional team through communication and relationship building.

3: Participate in the development and implementation of imaginative and creative strategies to enablesystems to change.

4: Develop a personal awareness of complex organizational systems and integrate values and beliefs withorganizational mission.

5: Apply leadership concepts in the development and initiation of effective plans for the microsystems and/or system-wide practice improvements that will improve the quality of healthcare delivery.

6: Apply concepts of quality and safety using structure, process, and outcome measures to identify clinical questions as the beginning process of changing current practice.


1. Read your text, Finkelman (2012), pp- 118- 127.

2. Observe staff in delivery of nursing care provided. Practice settings may vary depending on availability.

3. Identify the model of nursing care that you observed. Be specific about what you observed, who was doing what, when, how and what led you to identify the particular model.

4. Write a 5-7 page paper that includes the following:

5. Review and summarize two scholarly resources (not including your text) related tothe nursing care modelyou observed in the practice setting.

6. Review and summarize two scholarly resources (not including your text) related to a nursing care model that is different from the one you observed in the practice setting.

7. Discuss your observations about how the current nursing care model is being implemented. Be specific.

8. Recommend a differentnursing care model that could be implemented to improve quality of nursing care, safety and staff satisfaction. Be specific.

9. Provide a summary/conclusion about this experience/assignment and what you learned about nursing care models.

10. Write your paper using APA format. Submit to the Dropbox.

Reference no: EM131213320

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