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Assume that senior management has asked you to speak at the next managerial meeting as they have indicated a need to improve planning and organizing functions throughout the company. As an example for your presentation, select an organization you are familiar with and then perform a thorough analysis of the planning and management functions as they are performed in that organization. In your analysis be sure to:

Examine specific activities within the company where the four functions of management are performed and indicate how they are interrelated.

Identify and describe, within the structure of the company, the elements of organization and how they are interrelated.

Identity if and how planning takes place in the organization.

Identify the mission of the organization.

Based on this analysis and from your own ideas, identify two goals for the organization that might be achieved over the next six months.

Recommend an organization strategy to reach your two goals in order to improve planning and organizing processes.

Develop a PowerPoint presentation that includes a visual model that shows your audience of senior leaders the key concepts you are analyzing.

Reference no: EM13740166

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