Identify the major strengths and weaknesses of the article

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Article Review

three pages of article review

Article- "Education for All? 2-Year Colleges Struggle to Preserve Their Mission."

This all details:

must follow this steps please:

1. Clear statement of the author's thesis or central argument. Why was the article written? For whom was the article written?

2. Assessment of whether the author succeeded in achieving the purpose of the article.Further detail on how the article could have been improved.

3. Identify the major strengths and weaknesses of the article. Separate listing for each with detailed explanation.

4. Relate your article to the topic of finance in higher education. Explain how the article directly applies to finance throughout the entire paper.

An article review is a critical commentary, which summarizes the contents of the article. Your review should include the key points in the article and how they apply to higher education. It should go without saying, but the following guidelines should be followed (Modified APA style):

1. Papers should be typewritten (Times New Roman 12 pt. font) and double-spaced; no less than 3 pages in length (1 inch margins, left, right, top, and bottom)

2. Rules of spelling, grammar, and composition will be closely.

3. Papers should be proofread (not just spell checked and grammar checked) before they are submitted to the professor.

4. Unless otherwise stated, it is assumed that the opinion that you are expressing is your own. Therefore there is no need to write, "In my opinion" or "I believe". (Interact with the author: "George failed to support...")

5. Try to use action verbs whenever possible: avoid passive voice. (I.e. not "The author was trying to convey." Use: "The attempt to convey." -Passive voice is usually indicated by the use of "being verbs" ...I was being, I will be-don't use them)

6. Don't use slang or colloquialisms unless you have a specific reason for doing so. (I.e. "His metaphor seemed to have him barking up the wrong tree.

Reference no: EM131027914

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