Identify the intracellular and plasma buffer systems

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Each uploaded response is worth a possible 15 points.

1. Your comments should be substantiated and substantive. Postings require two citations from 1 scholarly journal and/or 1 outside text book Text books assigned to this course may be used for an additional citation only.

2. Each of the two references must be from a different reference source.

3. To gain full credit for the assignment, the response must be a full page discussion, but no more than three (3) pages in length, which includes the reference list.

4. Students are required to use APA format, proper citations, and references. Students using direct quotes from referenced sources in the body of the paper must include quotations.

5. Students will be assigned to a question.

Clinical Cases

There are five cases listed below; Begin with an assessment, students will decide if it should be treated as episodic with rationale.

You have been assigned two (2) cases to provide analysis. Students' first initials of their last names will determine which questions they will provide an answer to for the clinical case assignments. (Students are encouraged to review each question and research the correct answers to increase their knowledge of the varied topics in the course).All cases should include the following:

a. Pathophysiology and pharmacology of the disease

b. Expected signs and symptoms of the disease.

c. Nursing Diagnosis with a plan of care.

d. All questions pertaining to the case are listed under each case.

Clinical Decision Cases

Alpha-Numeric Student Clinical Case Assignments Legend (Assignment Selection By The Student Is By First Initial of the Student's Last Name):

Question #C3 & C4: please answer these 2 questions for these cases in APA format. copy and paste C3 then the question do the same for C4 the book that we use is UNDERSTANDING PATHOPHYSIOLOGY BY SUE E HUETHER KATHERYN L McCANCE 6TH EDITION 987654321

C3. Carl is a 15-year-old admitted to the hospital following a closed head injury during a motor vehicle crash. He is diagnosed with syndrome of inappropriate anti-diuretic hormone (SIADH).

a. You would monitor him for what signs and symptoms?

C4. Identify the intracellular and plasma buffer systems and discuss how they function.

Reference no: EM132233987

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