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(a) What are the hypothesized direct relationships implied by the SEM model below?

Note: estimates provided are standardized estimates.

(b) Identify the exogenous and endogenous variables.

(c) Why are the regression coefficients reported as standardized estimates?

(d) Replicate the SEM model below (ignore any warnings provided by AMOS).

(e) What is the significance of the number of distinct parameters to be estimated?

(f) Does the model fit well? (Use the Chi-squared statistic only). Examine the modification indices (make sure you selected them in the output section of Analysis properties in AMOS) and identify the relationship that will improve the model. Explain why this relationship makes sense.

(g) Correlate Attentiveness and Sociability and re-estimate the model. Is the Chi-squared statistic improved?

(h) Evaluate all fit measures.

(i) Do the regression coefficients make sense? Briefly explain.

(j) Use your answers to h) and i) to explain whether you believe the model is adequate.

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Reference no: EM13498539

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