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Economic Evaluation of Health Promotion Programs

Given the economic constraints facing our health care system today, it is more essential than ever for Health Educators to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of program implementation. While this is not the only means by which health education programs are measured, economic evaluation is a vital aspect of the holistic assessment process.

For this assignment, Cost-Benefit and Cost-Effectiveness as a Part of the Evaluation of Health Promotion Programs, and address the questions below.

Why is it important to identify the economic benefit of program implementation and delivery? Identify at least (3) benefits of this approach.

How are CBAs and CEAs calculated? What is the process of conducting them, and what are the steps involved? Be sure to outline and describe all nine steps.

Provide (3) of examples of companies or organizations that have used CBAs and CEAs to justify health promotion and health promotion and disease prevention measures. What were the results of the analyses? Why were they successful?

As a Health Educator, how would you use cost-benefit analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis to justify your own programs? How will such approaches help us sustain our programs during these difficult economic times?

Your completed assignment should be 3-5 pages in length, and should follow appropriate APA guidelines. You should have a minimum of (3) references for this assignment.

Reference no: EM131373828

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