Identify pros and cons of broad-spectrum antimicrobials

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Techniques and Procedures - The graduate uses appropriate techniques or procedures for interacting with microorganisms in a clinic, laboratory, or community setting; utilizes basic laboratory techniques for identifying microorganisms; demonstrates proper laboratory techniques in microbiology, including sterile technique, staining techniques, aseptic technique, and chemical indicators; and recognizes types of culture media and when to use each.


  • Administer a given antibiotic sensitivity test in a laboratory setting.
  • Explain why selective toxicity is an important feature of antimicrobial agents.
  • Identify pros and cons of broad-spectrum antimicrobials.
  • Identify pros and cons of narrow-spectrum antimicrobials.
  • Complete a Kirby-Bauer test for S. epidermidis.
  • Describe the analyzed results of a Kirby-Bauer test for S. epidermidis.
  • Determine the antibiotic sensitivity of a given microorganism.

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Reference no: EM13821297

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