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Topic: Identify competitiveness of an organization within the health services industry and make recommendations to continuously create shared value. Recommendations will count for more than half of your competitive analysis paper grade--use your two pages of text accordingly.

Purpose: To make recommendations to an organization about its ability to continuously created shared value given the changing demands and expectations within the health services industry.

Method: Successfully completing this paper will require that you:

1. Select an HSO with which you are associated (or about which you have specific knowledge). An appropriate HSO might be a hospital, a medical equipment supplier, a specialty service organization (podiatrist, psychologist, radiology, etc.), etc. The HSO need not be named;

2. Create a 5-forces analysis (can be used from the first assignment), functional analysis and DuPont analysis of the HSO. From these analyses, state in your own words the firm's strategy and its unique advantages;

3. Discuss why or why not your analyses (5-forces, functional, DuPont) contradict, or support, the HSO's explicitly stated (intended) organizational philosophy, mission and/or vision statement of how it creates value; 4. Identify the gaps (where one is silent, but the other speaks; where there is an untapped opportunity that the firm is uniquely positioned to create value); and 5. Make a viable recommendation about the HSO's strategy (e.g., growth, status quo or retrenchment) with an implementation schema.

Detailing an appropriate implementation scheme is absolutely critical as a recommendation without implementation is just another good idea and no more than just an idea!

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Reference no: EM13800751

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