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As you enter into this conversation, carefully consider the historical information you read regarding the rationale behind excluding the DSM-IV-TR diagnosis of gender identity disorder from the DSM-5. Then, take a moment to relate this historical background to the current ethical, clinical, and social controversies regarding gender dysphoria and the DSM-5. Analyze this controversy within the context of how clinicians ethically identify and treat psychiatric conditions. Be sure to integrate knowledge of any appropriate cultural considerations psychologist must be aware of when diagnosing gender dysphoria.

Again, the goal of this discussion forum is to have a single dynamic and respectful conversation about the inclusion of gender dysphoria as a diagnosable condition in the DSM-5, not a series of 20 to 30 separate conversations. This means that every post should be in response to another post. Your instructor will be posting the initial thread to which you will respond. Only start a new discussion thread if you want to address an entirely different theme or question(s) within the discussion subject area. Additionally, only post after first carefully reading what all the others within the thread have written.

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Reference no: EM13849975

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