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Ethics and Moral Reasoning

The exercise must be at least 500 words in length

Part One: Formulate the Question Formulate a specific, concrete, ethical question pertaining to that topic, and place that at the top of your paper. Topic-End of Life Medical Issues Physician-assisted suicide

Part Two: Provide a Brief Introduction to the Topic Introduction should focus on setting out the topic and scope of the discussion in a way that clearly establishes what exactly you will be talking about and why it is significant. It should also provide any necessary context such as the background, current state of affairs, definitions of key terms, and so on

Part Three: Provide a Position Statement State clearly and precisely the position you intend to defend on the question you have formulated. This does not need to be more than one sentence. Label this section as "Position Statement."

Part Four: Identify and Explain a Supporting Reason Identify and explain a plausible reason someone could give that supports the position you have taken and be sure to clearly explain why you think it supports that position.

The explanation should aim to be three to five sentences (shorter explanations are possible, but will likely be inadequate; longer explanations are likely to be too verbose).

Part Five: Identify and Explain an Opposing Reason Identify and explain a plausible reason someone might give that would oppose or challenge the position you have taken and be sure to clearly explain why you think it would oppose or challenge it.

Label this section as "Opposing Reason."

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The discussion is about the ethical dilemma of physician-assisted suicide,which is formally called as euthanasia. Euthanasia introduction, positional statement, views supporting and opposing the the same are discussed in the discussion.

Reference no: EM131314580

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