Identify and explain a role of epidemiology

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Identify and explain a role of epidemiology that relates to your career path. Do you think the methods or concepts of epidemiology could be useful outside of health science? If so, which methods or concepts and in what way?



Reference no: EM13755108

Circulation that are absent in the adult circulation

1) The ductus arteriosus and the ductus venosus are two key vessels in the fetal circulation that are absent in the adult circulation. What are their function in the fetus?

What is the ratio of fruits in the progeny of cross

in curcurbita W is epistatic over Y and Y gene normally responsible for yellow and green color fruits.It produces white flower. What is the ratio of fruits in the progeny of

Explain the metabolicreactions

Aliver extract capable of carrying out all the normal metabolicreactions of the liver is briefly incubated in separate experimentswith the following 14C-labeled precursors

Find the frequencies in the next generation

The ß-hemoglobin locus in humans is implicated in resistance to falciparum malaria. Estimates of fitness vary geographically, but assume that, in one particular area with ende

How could the 4d approach have helped your reaction

Describe the situation(s) in which you were introduced with a person or people different form yourself. How could the 4D approach have helped your reaction? Be specif

Determining the waiting for superman

How is a documentary like "Waiting for Superman" a window into the psychology of children? Although this is a film mostly about the public education system in this country,

Explain how the poly binding protein

Explain how the poly(A) binding protein that binds to the poly(A) tails located in the 3' end of an mRNA can play a key role in an mRNA degradation pathway that proceeds from

Gene for ampicillin-resistance

If you set up a transformation experiment in which you mixed competent E. Coli with a new plasmid that carried a gene for GFP, but not a gene for ampicillin-resistance, what


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