Identify and define the allied health team members
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Description/Focus: Care of the person with a medical condition

This assignment requires you to focus on the holistic care of a patient admitted to hospital with an acute presentation of a chronic condition and to demonstrate your ability to apply the clinical reasoning cycle to develop and plan nursing care.

Select one of the following case scenarios:

Mr. Peter Newman is a 44-year-old man admitted to the ward with infective exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Mr Newman is a heavy smoker and social drinker. Mr Newman is a Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) truck driver with a remote mining company and is finding it difficult to meet work responsibilities due to increasing breathlessness.

Mr Newman lives with his wife Marcy and 2 teenage children in a southern capital city and works a 2 weeks on/2 weeks off roster.

Miss Violet Paterson is a 77-year-old woman admitted to the ward following an Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI). Miss Paterson is currently in a stable condition. She has a history of primary hypertension and longstanding osteoarthritis. Over the last few months the arthritic pain has increased significantly, and both her blood pressure and osteoarthritis are impacting on her ability to meet her daily living needs. Miss Paterson lives alone in an apartment on the 3rd floor (with no lift access) with her cat Molly and has no extended family.

Based on the information provided in the above case scenarios complete the following tasks.

Task 1. Consider the patient
What will you consider when preparing the care plan for your chosen patient?

Task 2. Nursing assessments

Identify three (3) nursing assessments you will conduct and explain why they are a priority for you.

Task 3. Care planning

Identify three (3) priority nursing diagnoses for your chosen case scenario and explain why they are relevant.

Task 4: Patient education

Identify specific education your chosen case scenario will require to effectively manage their condition post discharge.

Task 5: Team care

Identify and define the Allied Health team members that should be involved in the patient's care during admission and in preparation for discharge

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    Evidence for practice - research (5) 5 marks Minimum of 10 peer reviewed journals/evidence for practice. No more than 2 current text books cited. Journal articles and textbooks are no more than 5 years old. No inappropriate resources in reference list. Presentation& Academic Writing (5)5 marks Assignment is on required template and submitted as a word document. Font is either; Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman size 11 or 12 Line spacing is 1.5 No dot points Within the stated word count +/- 10% Meets written communication standards for nursing practice and academic literacy at a high level. Content is well organised with a coherent flow. Assignment is free from spelling and /or grammatical errors.

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    Academic Integrity - referencing (5) 5 marks Demonstrates high level ability to acknowledge the work of others. All ideas supported with appropriate and accurate in-text citations and there is a complete and accurate reference list. Minimal direct quotes (<3) No errors detected in CDU APA 6th format. Academic integrity standards met at a high level.

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    Ability to interpret & address tasks 1-5 (25) 5 marks per task Excellent 20 - 25 marks Excellent interpretation of the case scenario tasks. Demonstrates excellent knowledge of safe practice, knowledge for care planning, assessment and patient education. All rationales demonstrate high level ability to explain or justify nursing action and education. Demonstrates a high level of critical thinking using the clinical reasoning cycle to address case scenario tasks.

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