Identify and analyze an historical event comparable

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Write a summary of the article in your own words with limited quotes or paraphrasing. All quotes and paraphrasing must have proper APA citations.

Discuss changes that you would make to your local, state, or national budget based on the economic issue addressed in this article.

If you feel no changes are necessary, explain how the current budget influences the circumstances in the article.

Include your views (pro/con) on a possible amendment to the Constitution requiring a balanced federal budget.

Identify and analyze an historical event comparable to your article's economic issue and how that incident impacted the daily life (work, home, and recreation) of the time.

Once you have evaluated the impact of this issue, discuss how the economic issue in your chosen article applies to your own daily life (work, home and recreation).

Reference no: EM13807858

Analyze the techniques used to attain speed in new project

Analyze the techniques used to attain speed in a new product project. Discuss how these techniques might be used to bring a new cosmetics division in an established skincare c

Ideal gas equation and the real gas equation

Using the following data, calculate the pressure of 1.00mol of Ar(g) in a 40.0L container at 25 degrees Celcius using both the ideal gas equation and the real gas equation.

Determine example of disaster recovery plan

Determine an example of a disaster recovery plan. Write a report on the elements included in the plan. Is there anything missing that you think should have been included?

Hypothesis of the future and related things of mercedes

Hypothesis of the future and related things of Mercedes, and to make a PowerPoint and a related presentation draft doc according to the PowerPoint. Use as much strategies as

Define the unknown quantities in terms of one variable

Burt inherits $91,000. He decides to invest part of the inheritance in a mutual fund and the remaining part in a certificate of deposit. Define the unknown quantities in term

Briefly describe how conduct self-instructional training

Briefly describe how you would conduct self-instructional training with Chad to help him stop stealing from co-workers. Second, describe one other behavioral modification pr

What degree are you able to exercise autonomy and control

What is the emotional labor (Ciulla) required of your job? What social and personal requirements exist beyond the economic transaction for which you were hired? To what degr

Are you in support of the current electoral college

Upon reading the two articles, write a response essay of at least 500 words. Your essay should address the Electoral College as it currently functions, as well as the propos


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