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Process Mapping Assignment

For this assignment, you should identify an area of your company (or of a company you are familiar with) and use multi-level process mapping (as shown in the article by Symons and Jacobs, referenced below) to describe how this control area (a block on the Level 1 map) fits in with the overall company (as shown on the complete Level 1 map).

Develop a Level 2 map to detail the control points (specific functions and processes) of the selected control area, and then develop Level 3 maps to identify control elements (input, output, process, and failure modes) of key control points.

In addition to the process maps themselves (you can use produce the flow diagrams using any charting software you have available, or by using MS Word and inserting or 'hand drawing' the connecting arrows) your complete project should include a written description of the process and your recommendations for how the process steps at the control points can be improved by identifying opportunities for using poka-yokes to "fail-safe" the process (you can describe existing poka-yokes, but you should also try to think of some new ones).

The written portion of the assignment should be between five and ten pages long and is due on or before July 30, 2016.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your paper submission should be formatted as a single document (integrate your process maps into the body of the document rather than submitting them as separate files). In addition, you should submit either a Microsoft Word or Adobe pdf document.

Note: service blueprinting (a different form of process mapping) and poke-yokes for services are presented in the JC13 text on pages 225-226; poke-yokes are discussed in terms of quality management in JC13 on pages 297-298. A good Web reference forpoka-yokes is John Grout's Mistake-Proofing Center (http://www.mistakeproofing.com). The process mapping concept is covered in the APICS journal article by Symons and Jacobs; a copy of the article is available in the Module 3 folder and also in this assignment file (below) in the Content section of Blackboard. You must use this format for multi-level process mapping for this assignment.

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