Identification of the field location for data collection

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The following are the topics Included for the course work coverage for the module Transportation Engineering during the semester September 2016 to January 2017.

There would be ten Study items, and each student has to submit each item a small report with a Cover sheet tot evaluation'

1. A Drawing Showing the Cross sections Details. An Express Highway/ Urban Arterial/Sub

Arterial / National Highway, Slate Highway/ Collector Road/Loral road with full roadway furniture ( Student has to select two roads and submit manually drawn drawing on 43 sheet) for the listed road category)

1 Urban Road

2. Rural Road
ii. Traffic Data Collection and the field report preparation on

3 Traffic Control devices

4. Traffic Volume Counts

5. Speed and Delay Studies

6. Parking Study

iii. Pavement Design Report

7 Flexible Pavement

8 Rigid Pavement

iv. Report on Traffic Simulation SIDRA

9. Traffic Simulation

V. Report on intelligent Transportation Systems and its Application to Oman


All the listed study (10 No) shall be carried as group work by students and the group is restricted to a maximum 4 students. Each of the course work component ( 10No) is to be submitted by the student individually with the cover sheet( Enclosed)

The Responsibilities of the Tutor: in facilitating

- Division of the class in to groups of 4 students.

- Explain the Objective of the study

- Identification of the field location for data collection

- Site Description

- Methodology for Data collection procedure

- Data Interpretation analysis, bar charts, graphs

- Theory Background, Principles and Formulas

- Field Photographs during survey and data collection.

- Literature Collection, Case study if any

- Standards and Norms: Government of Oman/AASHTO

- Inferences/Discussions/Conclusions /Recommendation

- Referencing

Relevant held data for the chosen topic will be collected by the student group during the week and to analysis and report to be completed by the student group in the subsequent week and each indent need to submit an individual report.

Report on Field Study: Highway inventory and Traffic Control/Traffic Data Collection/Pavement Design

Out the three theory classes, one theory class shall be exclusive allocated for Course Work discussion/ Field data collection and instructions.

Safety During the data collection: The students should wear proper dressing and should take all precautions during the data collection. As the data is collected outside the college premises and also during out of college hours it is the sole responsibility of the student to safe guard and protect themselves from the moving traffic.

Monitoring by the Module Tutor: Module Tutor need to maintain a log book and need to closely monitor the course work activity: student's batch, their numbers, data collection locations, day and time of collection

Report Submission

• Give Your Observations
• Photographs
• Analysis
• Recommendations for Improvement.

Attachment:- Format.rar

Reference no: EM131230561

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