Identification of ethical issues and stakeholders

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Students are required to select an ethical and/ or legal issue encountered by auditors, and collect a minimum of five relevant articles from media and or academic journals. You are then required to analyse the auditing issue from the perspective of agency theory and common good with particular reference to auditors' role in the issue.

Your report should cover the following:

1. A brief overview of the topic as covered in the article including the nature of the auditing issue

2. Identification of ethical issues, stakeholders and their financial and non-financial consequences on stakeholders

3. Analysis of the problem in the context of relevant ethical theories and agency theory

4. Making recommendations so as to ensure a similar incidence does not recur and thus the accounting profession contributes to the common good.

Remember to attach to your report the copies of articles you have selected.

Your report should consist of the following sections:

  • Assignment cover sheet
  • Introduction
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Body (answers to questions)
  • Conclusion(s)
  • References

1000 words

10 harvard reference

I need copies of 4 articles related to the assignment.

Reference no: EM131188365

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