Ideas for begining the plumbing business

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What would be the best choice for the business entity that represents a plumbing service that will be opened thru out the united states? What new business steps would be required to take control re: forming a corporation, taxation, and liability issues into consideration. Identify what laws and regulations this business must consider in the start up process and identify what the possible risks could be.

Reference no: EM1327257

How might scientific anthropology be view as simultaneously

How might a scientific anthropology be viewed as simultaneously emphasizing and subverting social differences, from the 'feminist' (e.g., Sally Slocum) and the 'question of

Potential essays

Discuss the issues facing African-Americans from the 1870s to the Great Depression. Be certain to discuss demographic factors (i.e. - where they lived, economic standards, lif

Describe processes you would use for statistical analysis

Describe the processes you would use for statistical analysis to evaluate the question/hypothesis of your study. Justify your choice of statistical analysis per the level(s) o

Develop a pico question based on the evaluation plan

To prepare: Develop a PICO question based on the Evaluation Plan Focus Assignment completed last week. Reflect on why it is important that this question be answered. Identify

Applying theory-environmental issues

Your goal for this assignment is to apply an ethical theory to a real-world situation. You will examine an environmental issue and apply one of the ethical theories to it to

Patient protection and affordable care act

Discuss how these two provisions have impacted, or will impact, your current practice of nursing - Identify the impact of this legislation on your nursing practice by choosing

Biological basis of sleep and dreams

What is the biological basis of sleep and dreams? Where do dreams occur in the cycle of sleep, and why are they important to our psychological well-being?

What was the practice of celebrating st monday

What does Thompson describe as the work pattern of artists, writers, small farmers, and students? What was the practice of celebrating St. Monday? What were the new values and


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