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Part -1:

1. Write a summary that is well written and has a clear idea of paper's organization and structure.

2. Introduction to your Organization and Project 2.

Part -2:

1. Discuss and clearly identify the general organizational characteristics, such as a mission, vision, goals and objectives, proposed products or services, organizational structure, expected revenues, market/industry position, and relevant competitors. All characteristics should be clearly described and justified with both evidence and examples.

2. The introduction should contain a clear description of the competitive strategies you intend to use to gain a competitive advantage.

3. Include a clear description of how information systems will serve your business needs and allow you gain a competitive advantage.

Describe your proposed business processes and the particular technology or system that you will use to support these business processes.

4. Discuss the organization's resources necessary to your business process. This should be an in-depth discussion that demonstrates a clear and insightful understanding of the business needs for your chosen business process. 3. Information Systems Structure Discussion (7 to 10 pages)

Part -3:

1. The IS Business Foundation: In this section of your paper, describe the proposed information systems structure in terms of people resources, hardware resources, software resources, data resources, and network resources. Your discussion should include a thorough and clear discussion of how a particular IS supports each business process and how each fits into your organization's overall strategy. An appropriate number of Critical Success Factors (usually 3-5 per process) for the IS-supported business process should be clearly articulated and tied to the specific IS. The relationship between these CSFs and your organization's overall mission statement should also be clearly stipulated. You may list your business processes and supporting information resources in table format.

2. Electronic Business and Commerce components: In this section, describe what type of e-business and/or e-commerce systems you propose for the project. You may also ???????? describe why you have selected these particular technologies, and what role they will play in supporting your business goals and objectives.

3. Decision Support Systems Components: In this section, describe what type of Decision Support Systems you propose for the project. You may also describe why you have selected this particular technology, and what role it will play in supporting your business goals and objectives.

4. Developing Business and IT Solutions: In this section, describe your proposed approach to developing business and IT solutions and how that approach both serves and supports your business goals and objectives.

5. Security and Ethical Challenges: In this section, describe what information systems security, ethical, legal, and privacy challenges your business may encounter and how you envision encountering them. In addition, any legal and privacy issues arising from the collection and use of information in this system should be presented clearly.

6. Impacts of Information Systems on the Organization, Department, or Business Process: Include a thorough discussion of how your organization will be impacted by the implementation of this system is provided.

Part -4:

Additional Requirements

1. References: Clearly identify (cite) references provided for facts, research, and other materials that were not originated by you. All citations and references must be formatted properly throughout the paper. An appropriate number of references (5 to 7) should be used.

2. Inclusion of Figures and Tables: This material is to be integrated throughout Sections 2 and 3: It should not be a separate or independent section of your paper unless the material is oversized and in that case may be included in the Appendices.

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Reference no: EM13731861

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