I thought it was a dynasty from france

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I thought it was a dynasty from France, but all I'm reading is how even though they were ruling Britain, they were still hostile towards France! It was during the 1760s and the Seven Years war that I'm most concerned with. And what was the 7 Years war really about?

Reference no: EM13233305

Philosophic contributions of hellenistic greece

What were the most important cultural, scientific, political, or philosophic contributions of Hellenistic Greece? Why? Why did these contributions have such an impact on the

Ethnic conflicts shape the development of early nineteenth

How did foreign interventions and class racial, and ethnic conflicts shape the development of early nineteenth- century national identities in the united provinces of centra

Describe how the watergate events changed american views

Speculate about how the Watergate event coverage might have been different (better or worse) in the age of social media and smartphones. Would it have lasted as long? Why or

Why were there so few immigration restrictions in place

Based on the information presented in the documents, analyze the arguments made in favor and opposed to immigration in the period from the late 1800s to the 1920s. Why were

Examine events that led to the outbreak of world war

Examine three (3) of the major events that led to the outbreak of World War I.Explain the manner in which each of the events you have chosen contributed to starting the War.

What aspects of that society made it interesting

Describe what the culture is like and the aspects of the civilization that caught your attention and made it seem "livable" -  What aspects of that society made it "interestin

Humanists in the renaissance states of florence

Renaissance humanism and the role of humanists in the Renaissance states of Florence, Rome, and Venice. What are some of the similarities and some of the differences between

Discuss about the world war ii in detail

Write your paper as if you were a nurse, soldier, general, or some other person intimately experiencing the effects of the war. You can pretend you are German, Russia, Amer


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