Hypothesis of the future and related things of mercedes

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For the work that you are going to help with, the purpose is to according to the two MNCs (Multinational Corporation, You can select the companies of Mercedes and Tata), make the hypothesis of the future and related things of Mercedes, and to make a PowerPoint and a related presentation draft doc according to the PowerPoint. Use as much strategies as you can.

The thesis of hypothesis is below:

Hypothesis: Mercedes

Acknowledging company's heritage, Expertise & Business Model, we believe that Mercedes should enter S.A. Market by targeting their existing customers.

1. Business Model - sales, surviving,

2. Global Strategy - leadership, African & German & Indian

3. Stakeholder Relationship

4. Relative success of countries' operations - Profit, market share, etc. & Expansion, etc. & use Business Model Canvas to explain if necessary.

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Reference no: EM13754118

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