Hydrophobic end and a hydrophilic end

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An analysis of a lipid shows that it is made up of two fatty acids and a phosphate group, each bonded to a glycerol molecule. The molecule has a hydrophobic end and a hydrophilic end. Based on this information, what conclusion can you draw regarding this lipid?

Reference no: EM13909074

What relationship would you expect in the biomass

Eastern hognose snakes are dietary specialists feeding almost exclusively on toads of the genus Anaxyrus. If you conducted a study of these species at Rock Bridge State Park

Final body plan development in the flies

Through fruit fly studies, geneticists have discovered a segment of DNA called the homeobox which appears to control: a. Sex development in the flies b. Life span in the fl

Scientists create life

Years ago, a newspaper headline read "Scientists Create Life." Scientists had strung together a chain of nucleotides to make a strand of DNA. This was the first time DNA had b

Determine the p value for crosses

Demonstrate are F2 results of two of Mendel's monohybrid crosses. State a null hypothesis that you will test using chi-square analysis. Calculate the x2 value and determine th

Exposed to high levels of polychlorinated benzene

therapeutic index (i.e. concentration in plasma at which drugs is inhibits major clot formation, but does not prevent basal levels of clotting in response to injury). In plasm

How plants are able to overcome effect of cyanide poisoning

The presence of low levels of cyanide arrests cellular respiration in animals, yet has little or no effect on plants. Explain how plants are able to overcome the effect of c

Using the laws of inheritance

Gregor Mendel's studies laid the foundation for modern genetics. In a series of elegant experiments, Mendel was able to deduce the most fundamental laws of single-gene and m

Identify and explain a role of epidemiology

Identify and explain a role of epidemiology that relates to nursing. Do you think the methods or concepts of epidemiology could be useful outside of health science? If so,


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