Hydrogel in stem cell differentiation

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Hydrogel in Stem Cell Differentiation

1) You are expected to write a critical and insightful review of your topic. Please do not copy and paste from the literature. You must summarize and discuss them in your own words.

2) Your review and discussion should not be more than 8 pages (Times New Roman size 12; 1.5 spacing and 2 cm margins from all sides) excluding references.

3) References should be sequentially numbered as follows. Bone is a dynamic tissue comprising organic and inorganic materials [1, 2]. It is porous and brittle [3]

4) Your references should not contain websites or text books. It must be published articles in Journals or book chapters. Furthermore, unless it is absolutely necessary, the references should not be more than 5-10 years old (i.e. use those published from 2005-2015).

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Reference no: EM13894926

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