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Plant leaves have a openings (pores) known as a stomata where gasses can enter / exit the plant. Explain reasons why stomata are found on the bottom of leaves. It might be helpful to think of the comparable structure (nose) in humans and how its openings are oriented.

Reference no: EM132280458

What type of neurotransmitter

The stimulation of a motor neuron ultimately results in the release of a neurotransmitter at the synapse between the neuron and a muscle cell. What type of neurotransmitter

Are bacteria prokaryotic or eukaryotic

Are Bacteria prokaryotic or eukaryotic? Describe the three common shapes of bacteria. Are Bacteria heterotrophic or autotrophic? Do Bacteria cells have a cell wall? How do bac

What are pros and cons of international food relief programs

Programs have been established to supply food from Western nations to starving people in Africa. Some people argue that such food programs, which may have short term benefit

Brain transmitting message to muscles.

Describing how the brain transmits the message to muscles. Trace impulse, list the steps in as much detail as possible, from which your brain transmits the message to the su

Describe in specific detail the discontinuous synthesis

A piece of DNA has unwound and the ends of the two strands have begun separating for replication.Describe in specific detail the discontinuous synthesis of the the lagging s

Catabolic and anabolic modes

Many biochemcial pathways operate in both catabolic and anabolic modes.  Describe the benefits and costs (in other words, the good and the bad) for bacteria that operate these

Formulation of drugs into medicines

It is not normal to administer a pure drug to a patient. Almost all the drugs are administered in form of a medicine. A medicine   is a mixture of one or more drugs combined o

Muscular control related to diseases

After researching the causes and symptoms of the following diseases: tetanus, Parkinson's disease, and multiple sclerosis, construct a 100-150 word essay, addressing each of t


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