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1. "Managing Different Organizational Environments" Please respond to the following:

Compare and contrast two (2) management theories. Next, determine one (1) management theory that you support over the others, and examine two to three (2-3) aspects of your chosen theory that appeal to you. Provide a rationale for your response.
Analyze three (3) different organizational environmental factors that can influence the culture of a company. Focus on the effects that such factors would have on the management style of a supervisor.

2. "Social Responsibility and Decision Making" Please respond to the following:

From the e-Activities, compare and contrast the social responsibility programs and initiatives of both Starbucks and Coca Cola. Determine whether or not business ethics and social responsibility are important to you as a consumer, and provide one to two (1-2) examples of such social responsibility initiatives to support your response.
Explain three to four (3-4) potential effects of the failure of managers to develop a plan before executing major business-related decisions within their organizations. Provide one to two (1-2) examples of such failings to support your response.

3. Compare and contrast two to four (2-4) organizational strategies discussed in Chapter 6, and determine the type of strategy that would have the greatest impact on the sustainable competitive advantage of your present or future employer. Provide one to two (1-2) specific examples of such an impact to support your response.
Identify two (2) technological innovations that have changed the fundamental manner in which companies conduct business, and recognize one (1) aspect of each that has impacted your own career. Provide one to two (1-2) specific examples of the impact of such innovations to support your response002E

4. "Human Resource Management and Team Dynamics" Please respond to the following:

From the e-Activity, express whether or not you agree with Mark Zuckerberg's opinion on managing team dynamics. Explain whether or not you believe the team dynamics Mark Zuckerberg experienced are unique to only Millennials (Generation Y) or to teams working in the technology field. Provide a rationale for your response.

Analyze the human resource system at your company or an organization with which you are familiar, such as a school, sports team, or military division. Next, identify four (4) examples of the fundamental manner in which such a system helps to manage employees and their responsibilities.

5. "Workplace Diversity and Motivational Factors" Please respond to the following:

Identify three (3) examples that demonstrate the main reasons why workplace diversity is important to a company's culture and performance.

Describe one (1) workplace situation where your supervisor or coworker motivated you to perform better for the organization. Explain the situation, how you felt up to that point, and the motivation technique and approach that your supervisor or coworker used to help inspire you.

Reference no: EM13739918

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