Hullpaint contained cyanide to prevent microbial growth

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A shipping company employee notices that the inside of shipshulls were ballast water is stored are deteriorating. The hullpaint contained cyanide to prevent microbial growth. Bacteria were growing on the hulls. You can therefore conclude that the...

    Bacteria were growing by fermentation.
    Bacteria were photosynthetic.
    Bacteria were using anaerobic respiration.
    Bacteria were using aerobic respiration.
    Bacteria were using cytochromes.

Reference no: EM13533508

The kinetic energy of a pendulum-mechanical energy

the average adult radiates heatenergy at the same rate as, which of the following four objectshas the greatest kinetic energy? the kinetic energy of a pendulum is greatest, me

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Formalist criticism focuses on the literary text itself, especially its structure and genre. Rhetorical criticism is audience-centered, focused on the "transaction" between te

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How is blood calcium regulated and how are our bones affected in the process? (Describe the general processes for increasing and decreasing blood calcium levels, you do not

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Silverthorn Human Physiology Chapter 11 Student Questions- 1). What are the divisions of the efferent autonomic nervous system? 2). Why does the efferent autonomic nervous sys

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Give 2 distinguishing characteristics of a tRNA molecule. In translation what does the ribosome do?   With reference to translation, what does translocation refer to?

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Explain how one of these main concepts is connected to your own personal observations. Clearly describe two methodological problems associated with the way Scientists study t

Dramtic effects on the structure and function of hemoglobin

I know the only difference between sickle-cell hemoglobin and normal hemoglobin is a single amino acid substitution, valine(Val)for glutamic acid (Glu). So the structural di


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