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Question: Answer both parts in 250 words with one scholarly reference and include in-text citation.

1. Part A: The company luncheon was held. The event was a success, even though there were some glitches in the planning and some minor conflicts. All in all, everything seemed to flow smoothly on the day of the event.

- Now the event is over. Imagine you were the project manager on the project. Describe how you would facilitate post-project meetings with staff, customers, stakeholders, etc.? Why would you approach the meetings in the manner specified?

Part B: It's the end of the project, and the project manager has completed your evaluation. To your dismay, it was a team evaluation. Meaning the entire group received the same feedback and recognition, even those who did not complete their assigned tasks. The project manager was made aware of those who neglected their duties, and still, everyone received the same evaluation. Do you think this is fair? Explain your stance. If you were a project manager, explain how you would have resolved this issue?

Answer both parts in 250 words with one scholarly reference and include in-text citation.

2. Part A: The organization you work for is developing a new product. Review the characteristics of each project management structure, identify the one that most resembles your current employer (a past employer, or an organization you have volunteered for, or a school who have attended will also suffice for answering this question). Describe the responsibilities of the project manager in the organizational structure selected. Discuss how project work in handled in the structure selected.

Part B: Reviewing the organization you selected to discuss above. Identify how you would select the project team to help develop the new product. Explain why you approached the project team selection in the manner you selected.

Reference no: EM132233856

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