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Price Evaluation" Please respond to the following:2 PARAGRAPHS

Part of the price evaluation of the government is to have a number of bids to consider. Imagine that there is a product or service that simply does not have much competition and thus a large number of bidders are not available. Suggest the steps that you believe the government should take in order to ensure competition or to hold those few bidders accountable should there be problems.

Search the Internet or Strayer Resource Center and provide an example of a "low competition" bid. Then, evaluate whether or not the protections the government tried to utilize are appropriate. Use details and specifics to support your response.

"After Proposal Submission" Please respond to the following: 2 PARAGRAPHS

Image that you are a small-business owner and your bid has drawn interest from the government. How would you prepare for the process of demonstrating your goods or services?

Explain at least three (3) steps that you would take to finalize acceptance and specify why the three (3) steps you chose are important. Be sure to use details and specifics to support your response.

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