How would you frame policy on food safety

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Social Conditions of Disease

Required Readings: Phelan, Link & Tehranifar, "Social conditions as fundamental causes of health inequalities" in Mechanic, Policy Challenges... 2006 [Bb]; and, McKinlay, "A case for refocusing upstream," in The Sociology of Health and Illness: Critical Perspectives, Peter Conrad, ed. 2001 [Bb]

Assignment: Post on your journal page a 300-500 word assessment of either the Link and Phelan or the McKinlay article. (Note: You prepare for class by reading both required readings, but write up this assignment using only one of the articles.) This should include a summary of the author's argument(s) and any supporting evidence provided. In conclusion, make note of your questions and critique of the work.

Discussion Board: Post a response to the weekly discussion question; respond to others' postings and questions.

Case Study Question: How would you frame policy on food safety in terms of underlying social conditions?

Post a minimum 300-word analysis of a news article or story (with source citation). Link it to one or two key ideas from this week's readings regarding some aspect of the issue of health disparities. Attach a copy of the news item or include the URL in your posting.

Reference no: EM131314204

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