How would you describe the media-culture relationship
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Please write an essay (5 paragraphs).

Please incorporate the knowledge you have accumulated over the course of the semester by Referring to specific articles, videos and/or discussion forums.

Could you please follow the instruction and please

Start with very interesting introduction

And very interesting essay

Check the grammar and do your best please this essay will graded

The essay :

How would you describe the media/culture relationship? Does the media impact culture or does culture impact the media?

Please refer to two or three of the articles or videos you reviewed this past semester.

Create an argument by way of one or two specific media examples


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Table of Contents

NIE Markets 1
Deficient Customer Orientation 1
Difference b/w Global and Regional products 2
Brand Equity 3
Three Approaches to Coordinate Pricing in global markets 3
Global Advertising 4
Problems Associated with Global Advertising 4
Corporate Culture 5
References 6

NIE Markets 1740

NIE market are those that produced a large range of electronic final and intermediate goods. Countries like Singapore are imported more consumer products such as radio clocks, portable compact disk players and other computer parts. The American Firms like Perot Corporation are also produced mainly semiconductor products and other computer products that are mostly required for NIE markets. That is why it can be said that Perot Corporation can give an edge to NIE markets. Besides this American firms are enhancing their activities in this field and

This is also the reason of the popularity of American Firms in NIE market. (Google Books, 2015,p.140)According to analysis local marketer in Newly Industrialized Economy with fast economic growth has to face some problems that are not commonly observed in earlier markets. New Industrial Economy(NIE) also consists of countries that are rich in raw and natural materials. Besides this NIE also involves countries that have turned toward western style for new market growth. That is why country like America is considered good for NIE Markets. (p.273). According to analysis

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