How would you assess the effectiveness of this intervention

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A company has a system of ranking its employees using the letters A, B, and C. As are high performers, Bs are good performers, and Cs are below average performers.

The company does not have problems with employees ranked A and B. However, it wants to bring the rank C employees up to rank B by using formative evaluation. As the HR manager puts it, "Our evaluation system is not intended to punish poor performers. Rather, it is intended to bring them to a normal level."

The company asks you to design a formative evaluation system that will help it improve the performance of rank C employees and bring them up to at least rank B.

You are required to prepare a two- to three-page report addressing the following:

How you would proceed with the creation of an evaluation system?

What types of intervention would you design and ask the company to implement to address this issue?

How would you assess the effectiveness of this intervention?

Reference no: EM13852630

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