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Marianne has type 1 diabetes. One day, after accidentally injecting herself with too much insulin, she starts to shake and feels confused. Following her doctor's suggestion, she drinks a glass of orange juice-a ready source of glucose-and soon her symptoms subside. What caused her symptoms? How would a glucose-rich snack help?

Reference no: EM132280413

Energy vs reaction coordinate graph

Compare two reactions by drawing them on Energy vs. Reaction Coordinate graph. The reactions are identical, but one has been altered by the addition of a catalyst and/or enz

What is annie experiencing

What is Annie experiencing? What are the three stages of General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)? What stage is she currently experiencing? What hormone is released during this phas

Key functions of digestive system

The key functions of digestive system are the ingestion of food, ______ of food through the digestive system, ______ by ______ and ______ digestion, ______ and ______.

Role of microorganisms

Not much more than 100 years ago, ordinary citizens were unaware of the role of microorganisms in the cause and spread of disease. In her book, "The Gospel of Germs",

Determine the genes regulated by transcription

Describe principle behind various whole genome sequencing technologies. Describe application of one whole genome sequencing from literature for providing deeper insight into

Evidence for the theory of continental drift

Discuss how do fossils provide evidence for the theory of continental drift and explain how do fossils help scientists piece together the family tree of a given plant or anima

What is the estimated frequency of allele a in the gene pool

What is the estimated frequency of allele a in the gene pool? What is the estimated frequency of allele A in the gene pool? What is the estimated percentage of individuals tha

Describe and explain the main epilepsy topic

Explain how one of these main concepts is connected to your own personal observations. Clearly describe two methodological problems associated with the way Scientists study t


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