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Assignment: Risk Management on HIPPA compliance

Once your topic has been approved by the faculty, you will develop a 500-750 word comprehensive outline that communicates the approved risk management topic. The outline is required to include a minimum of three objectives to discuss what your group considers to be key or core risk management elements that pertain to the point, or element, you selected to profile.

Required sections to include in your outline are listed below. If your topic requires additional sections, include them as well:

1. Introduction.

2. Objectives: Three objectives you intend to address in the proposed risk management educational session.

3. Rationale: Rationale for each objective (i.e., Why are these three objectives key or core to the risk management issue?).

4. Supportive Data: Data to support the need for the proposed educational session.

5. Implementation Strategies: How will you implement the proposed educational session?

6. Evaluation Strategies: What tools will you use to evaluate the proposed educational session?

7. Challenges and Opportunities: Ideas or suggestions about areas of focus regarding risk management the organization could or should address moving forward into the future?

It may be helpful to preview the requirements for the Topic 3 assignment (Risk Management Program Analysis Part Two) and the Topic 4 assignment (Organizational Risk Management Interview), as the information may contribute to and enhance your final group presentation in Topic 5. It is highly encouraged that you also preview the Topic 5 assignment (Educational Program on Risk Management Part Two: Slide Presentation) to ensure your outline addresses all required elements for that final CLC submission.

Reference no: EM131313651

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