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At this point in the course you should have a good idea as to the topic area you will be considering for your dissertation. What topic(s) are you considering? What might your work contribute to the scholarly research already undertaken in the field of your choice? How will the information presented in this course guide your next steps?

The topic that I am considering for my topic is emotional intelligence and it relates to certain components of the organization, like overall job satisfaction. My work will definitely contribute to the scholarly research already undertaken, because it is reviewing another aspect of emotional intelligence and its correlation to the satisfaction of an employer. There are studies that correlate employee's positions, and conclude that the higher an employee is within an organization, than the higher the level of emotional intelligence. The question that arouses speculation, looking at the many variables, I ask do they really correlate just based on that information? If you were to take a 35-year-old manager and a 55-year-old manager, would they have the same or similar levels of emotional intelligence? The information presented in the course guides my next steps, because in conclusion of this course I have a better understanding of the process. This class makes we want to better understand quantitative research methodology, and the tools that help contribute to it, like SPSS. I want to go back through tutorials and training sessions to get to me a much clearer understanding of SPSS. I believe SPSS will become a valuable asset in this study.


Marcus Cheatham

Reference no: EM131011078

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