How well do your results align with your observers results
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The Student Leadership Practices Inventory (SLPI) is not about attitudes or intentions but about actual leadership behaviors. Each of the 30 leadership behaviors from the SLPI instrument aligns with one of the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership.

This report is not a judgment of how well you do these practices, but a collection of observations about how often you do them and are seen doing them.

SLPI Reflection Assignment Questions to be Answered: (this requires substantial thought and you will be graded accordingly)

1. How well do your results align with your observers results? Why do think this is the case?

2. Identify three behaviors that you can do more often that could help you be more successful as a leader?

3. How can YOU best demonstrate those three behaviors? - (I want real world examples that you can do in everyday life)

a. One example for each of the three behaviors

4. Identify 3 leadership development goals based on the SLPI report (set high but attainable goals). *Do not be vague


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As a student of Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), for this task I was asked to look for people that have considered my qualities of leadership for taking a survey regarding my habits and styles of leadership. For this purpose, I conducted a survey across 15 people, out of which 14 people responded back.

In order to conduct this survey, I considered people from both, my present and previous experiences of leadership. With the responses I received, I was highly overwhelmed.
Based on this Student Leadership Practices Inventory, this report will be analysing the feedback as per the survey conducted.

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