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1. The current equipment allows your production line to assemble 7780 widgets per day with a takt time of 6.5 minutes. Your engineers are designing new equipment which would allow you to assemble 9400 widgets per day. What would the new takt time be? Keep two decimal places in your answer.

2. How to perform assessment of culture of an organization. what are thr major elements of the organization culture and assessment if these elements are in line with organization's business strategy. Assessment should consider both positive and negative factors of oraganization's culture. min 1000 words

Reference no: EM132234654

Drive the process design for the organization

How can service gap analysis be used to define competitive advantage and drive the process design for the organization? Give some examples of how service gap analysis and se

The perfect target customer

What kind of web presence will be needed to reach the perfect target customer? Will blogging be among your marketing strategies? Online advertising? Why or why not? Would you

Analyze the current conditions in your organization industry

Analyze the current conditions in your organization's industry and in its relevant general environment and their likely implications for successful implementation of your o

What does bofa gain from continuing to invest

What does BofA gain from continuing to invest in sustainability? Do you think that being recognized and winning environment awards will help BofA become more profitable?

Supply and higher inventory turnover

If fewer weeks of supply and higher inventory turnover are better, is it possible for a supply chain to achieve zero weeks of supply and infinite inventory turns? Why or why n

Multinational companies and the risk of terrorism

Determine one (1) set of corporate risk-assessment categories that would be a starting point for a multinational enterprise as it relates to audits, emergencies, and disaster

Define project success using the triple constraint model

Define project "success," using the "triple constraint," model, then add the more modern "quadruple constraint" model In your own words or Illustrated with your own diagram.

Develop an inventory ordering policy

Dunstreet's Department Store would like to develop an inventory ordering policy of a 90 percent probability of not stocking out. To illustrate your recommended procedure, use


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