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Answers should be no longer than a few sentences. "Bulletized" lists or small tables may be used for the sake of brevity. The point value of each question appears at the beginning of the question. Partial credit may be given if work is clearly shown.

A 1,024-bit message is used to generate a 24-bit hash. On the average, how many other messages could be expected to generate the same hash value? What is the probability that two massages that generate the same 24-bit hash?


Reference no: EM13328976

Differentiate business continuity-disaster recovery planning

Business Continuity (BC) planning and Disaster Recovery (DR) planning are main elements in organizational security architectures. Write down the difference between them.

How system derive secret key for des from user-s password

Known risks of the UNIX password system, it has been recommended that the system be replaced by an alternative system that uses public key cryptography, RSA for example. H

Key concepts from jackson and trochim-donnelly

Part I checks your understanding of key concepts from Jackson and Trochim & Donnelly. Answer the following questions: 1. Jackson even-numbered Chapter exercises (pp. 220-221;

Write vulnerabilities and methods of securing rpc

TCO C states "Given a computer network for data transmission, identify and analyze possibilities for loss or modification of data. Write down the vulnerabilities of RPC? Wha

Determine the design issues with the new system

Analyze the new system and determine the design issues with this new system. Describe how you would correct the design issues with the system to make the restaurant managers h

What is the entropy of the plaintext message

A foreign navy has implemented a secure communications system in which submarine commanders transmit a single 5-letter message every day. The messages may only use capital (

Consider a mac technique called cbc­mac

Consider a MAC technique called CBC­MAC. The algorithm takes a message, m, a secret key, k, and runs CBC mode encryption on the blocks of the message. For purposes of this p

How can sender and receiver establish new shared secret key

Suppose that the sender and re­ ceiver have never met, but there exists a trusted third party that shares a secret key with the sender and also shares a (different) secret k


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