How to find the total pressure of the mixture
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A mixture of gases contains 3.41 g of NO2, 7.62 g of BF3, and 6.50 g of NO. If the total pressure of the mixture is 5.12 atm, what is the partial pressure of each component?

a) P(NO2) = 0.925 atm, P(BF3) = 3.05 atm, and P(NO) = 1.15 atm.

b) P(NO2) = 0.257 atm, P(BF3) = 1.30 atm, and P(NO) = 3.56 atm.

c) P(NO2) = 2.56 atm, P(BF3) = 1.69 atm, and P(NO) = 0.870 atm.

d) P(NO2) = 0.941 atm, P(BF3) = 1.43 atm, and P(NO) = 2.75 atm.

e) P(NO2) = 0.379 atm, P(BF3) = 0.575 atm, and P(NO) = 4.17 atm.

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