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Q1. The basic structural unit of a biomembrane is the phospholipid bilayer. Acetic acid and ethanol are each collected of two carbons, hydrogen and oxygen, and both enter cells by passive diffusion. At pH 7' one is much more membrane permeable than the other' that is more permeable and why? Calculate how the permeability of each is altered when the pH is reduced to 1.0, a value typical of the stomach.

Q2. Suppose that in particular protein made up of 564 amino acids, a lysine residue at position 17 is replaced by asparagine. Would you expect this change to demolish the function of this protein? Explain briefly.

Reference no: EM135692

Cycle of nursing research practice and theory

Experts describe nursing as a cycle of nursing research, practice, and theory. Experts also propose that entry into this cycle can be made from any point. Explain your agree

When oxygen is unavailable some cells use anaerobic

When oxygen is unavailable, some cells use anaerobic(fermentation) pathways to make ATP. Another textbook saysregarding fermentation: "The final steps serve only toregenerate

What is the most number of traits

List two types of macromolecules that have been partly digested by the time acid chyme moves into the intestine. Where did this digestion take place and what enzymes were invo

Which is an inhibitor of mitochondrial atp synthesis

You have discovered a novel compound (U-500), which is an inhibitor of mitochondrial ATP synthesis. You observe that when U-500 is addedto cells or isolated mitochondria, th

The method of measuring enzyme activity

Design an experiment in which I will test the effect of an acidic fluid on enzymatic activity. I need to an outline of how an acidic fluid will modify the outcome of an enzyma

Explain similarities and dissimilarities

At 4.00 rm L, an expandable vessel contains 0.864 rm mol of oxygen gas. How numerous liters of oxygen gas should be added at constant temperature and pressure if you require a

What controversy history of discovery of structure of dna

What is the controversy around the history of the discovery of the structure of DNA? Who do you think should receive credit? How does giving credit only to Watson and Crick

Enzymes generate and break down hydrogen peroxide

Why is it an advantage to the cell that enzymes that generate as well as break down hydrogen peroxide (catalase) are compartmentalized within the membrane-bound peroxisome?


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