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Pasternak and Pym, a local bookstore, has contacted you as they have heard good things about your network design skills. They currently have a wireless network set up for the business, but would like to allow customers to browse the web while they sip a beverage in the coffee shop. Be sure to cite your sources.

P&P has requested that you send them your ideas and recommendations in memo form on how to create one overall network that incorporates the two wireless networks (the protected bookstore network and the unprotected public network). They would like to see a diagram of the entire network, costs, and how long it would take to implement.

Using either a Microsoft Word Memo template or another example, create a memo outlining the request, answering all P&P's questions, including a diagram. You can use any drawing software (Visio, PowerPoint, Word, etc.) to create the diagram.

Due to the fast pace of technological change in information systems, IT professionals must constantly update their knowledge. This can be accomplished by many means including continuing formal classroom education, on-the-job training, short courses offered by software and hardware vendors, and continual assimilation of new information from books, periodicals, and other sources. In many cases, knowledge must be gained in topics for which the professional has little or no formal training or education.

The purpose of this research assignment is to prepare you for self-directed learning and research activities and then apply the results of your research to pending business decisions. In this class, the research will take place in four phases:

• First, the student will select a topic that is directly related to this course of study.

• Second, the student will create an abstract.

• Third, the student will assemble a set of information sources on the problem. These sources will provide enough background information so the major aspects of the topic can be discussed. A tentative outline of the paper, and a tentative list of sources.

• Fourth, the student will present a draft of the paper to and then to the group of fellow students for discussion. Students will read each others' papers and offer comments and suggestions on the style, ideas, concepts, and conclusions of the papers.

• Fifth and finally, the student will submit the final version of the research paper to the instructor.

To successfully complete this research project, you must do several things:

• gain sufficient background knowledge to provide a basis for understanding the topic.

• find sources of information on the topic.

• assimilate the information to a high degree of expertise.

• effectively communicate the information in written form.

You are expected to become knowledgeable about the topic. This implies that you must be able to understand all of the relevant technical information. It also implies an ability to critically evaluate the topic.

You are expected to have gained proficiency in written communication. This assignment will require that you demonstrate that proficiency with respect to a technical topic. Your research paper should clearly communicate the technical details and critical analysis of your topic in an organized and concise manner.

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Reference no: EM13864588

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