How to construct high quality arguments for positions
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Reflect back about what you have learned in this course about how to construct high quality arguments for positions. Give an example of how the ability to construct good arguments could help you in your career or in your daily life. Also, in what ways will the skill of being able to evaluate the quality of reasoning better enable you to discover what is true and to make better choices? (Give a specific example of each).

Finally, consider the argument you have been developing for your writing assignments. How has considering objections helped you clarify your perspective? What might you add to your argument to make it more convincing in light of those objections? What points would you recommend that people keep in mind in order to be fair to both sides?

Your journal entry must be at least 250 words. You do not need to follow APA style for this journal entry, but you should proofread your work to eliminate errors of grammar and spelling.

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