How to connect to a remote server using an ftp program

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FTP Upload

In this tutorial, you have learned how to connect to a remote server using an FTP program. You also learned how to upload files to the server and download files from the server. You will need these skills in order to make your web site available for others to view through their browsers.

In any program that supports FTP, you need to know these 3 elements in order to input your information into the settings in order to make your connections.

1. The Host-
2. The Default Remote Directory - public_html
3. Your user name and password

Also note you have only been shown two examples of FTP clients. These are two of the most common programs to upload your .html files. If you are working with another FTP client, and would like to continue to use it for your folders and files, please feel free to do so. All you will need to do is create a new host within the FTP client that you are using.

Post your work

Part 1: Using the correct FTP platform for your computer (Mac or PC), connect to it and upload the .html document you created in Week 3. This was named "lastname_page1.html". Once you have it uploaded, view the information above and post your URL address into the discussion thread. Double-check your work before leaving the classroom. If this file does not open for you, it will not open for the instructor. Bring any questions that you have to this discussion board for further clarification of the use of an FTP client.

Part 2: By now, you have created the basic homepage for the Canterbury University, and uploaded it to your server. Remember that websites are a construction of content and process. The information is content, and the design, storyboard, coding, and uploading is process.

In two to three paragraphs discuss how your final display is a visual reflection of the combination of this content and process.

Reflect the details of the readings and any Internet or library research you do. If you copy and paste from a source, you must use direct quotes; however, direct quotes should be used SPARINGLY, if at all. Paraphrase instead. Be sure to cite your sources using APA style, even when you paraphrase. Check your work closely for errors in spelling and grammar.

Reference no: EM131109155

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