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1. layout?

2. Type of questions?

3. What do you notice?

The following sample question tests knowledge of Principal Competency 002: The principal knows how to communicate and collaborate with all members of the school community, respond to diverse interests and needs and mobilize resources to promote student success.

Eventually, changes begin to be implemented at Harmon with generally strong support from faculty, students and parents. So Ms. James is surprised when the local newspaper runs an editorial highly critical of changes that have occurred. Ms. James feels that the editorial seriously misrepresents what is going on at the campus. Ms. James's best initial responses would be to

I. invite the editor to tour the campus and discuss the changes that are taking place.

II. send the editor articles from professional journals and other sources that justify the changes at Harmon.

III. urge interested staff to submit letters to the editor complaining about the editorial.

IV. write a letter to the newspaper to clarify the learning community's mission and the rationale for the changes.

A. I and III only
B. I and IV only
C. II and III only
D. II and IV only

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Reference no: EM13712524

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