How the theoretical perspectives explain the crime

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Assignment for Criminology

This is a sociology class, the assignment should be two or more pages


Questions: Be sure to answer each part of each question. Base your responses on the information in the textbook (i.e., do not seek out other resources that you will then have to cite).

Provide the page number/s of the text on which you found support for the answer you provided. Indicate these pages by putting the page number/s in parentheses (#) following each answer. Failure to do so will result in points being deducted. If this is not clear, then see me.

1. As a criminologist, you are tasked with studying the criminal activities of gang members (or hate groups) in a particular community through participant observation.

[a] Identify at least three relevant ethical concerns with this study.

[b] How would these concerns shape your research project?

Create two separate paragraphs. That is, the first paragraph should be your answer for Question 1-a, and the second paragraph should be your answer for Question 1-b.

2. While walking to her car in a mall parking lot, a woman is approached by a man who displays a handgun and demands her purse. She gives him her purse, and he runs away with it. How would each of the theoretical perspectives explain this crime?

a. Demonology
b. Classicalism
c. Ecological Theory

Please make sure that u say in wich page did u get each answear from "by the end of each prograph"

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Reference no: EM13836137

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