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Assignment: Now it's time to develop the focus of your project and deciding the business problem, research topic and research question(s). All sections should be written in paragraph form and properly cited using in-text citations, where necessary under the each question. Provide your written answers under each question.

Here are questions that you need to answer to build your introduction part of your research paper:

Tip: If you make any statements/presumptions that are not your own opinion, you MUST cite them.

Tip: Don't forget to read guidelines for research project in the Attachment 1 of the syllabus (page 13)

Tip: This assignment is critical to build your paper. Since, this assignment is main input for your INTRODUCTION section.

1. Creative Title. You should start this assignment with creative title based on your research idea or research question.

Tip: From the title, readers should be able to understand what your research is about.

2. Statement of Problem and Proposed Research (0.5 to 1 pages).

2.1. Describe the business problem and explain how the problem fits within a broad research area in business (or your major)

2.2. Why should others care about this problem? What aspect of this problem may not be well understood?

Tip: In this two question above, you need to clearly state why should we care about this problem? Why is important today? You need to clearly state what is not well understood about this problem and what gap still exists in our knowledge of this problem?

2.3. Statement of Proposed Research

In full detail, describe what you aim to do with your research project during the course.

3. Research Question and Research Goals (0.5 to 1 pages).

3.1. Research Questions and Explanation (2-3 paragraphs).

You should now attempt to state two or three specific research questions (with a question mark!) followed by a detailed explanation of what you hope to learn by the question(s) (1-2 paragraphs).

Tip: You should limit your research question one or two clear research question that you can collect data. When you are building your research question, you need imply cause-effect relationships. What is the effect/impact of ........ on........? How .... will affect to ......? Don't forget each research question you should have to make literature review to investigate what was done and you should collect data to answer this question by following scientific methods.

3.2. Research Goals (1-2 paragraphs). Explicitly outline all of the research goals for this project.

Tip: Try to finish this sentence for your research objective(s): The primary purpose of this research.....

Tip: Try to avoid sentences start with "I". Try to write in academic format.

4. Provide the references that you used.

This is a very important part of your paper, not just an afterthought. All articles that you read and include in your text must be cited.

Furthermore, any articles included in your works cited page must be cited in the text. Place the sources in alphabetical order and format the citations using APA format.

Tip: Example in APA style:

Furst, Stacie A, & Cable, Daniel M (2008). Employee resistance to organizational change: managerial influence tactics and leader-member exchange. The Journal of Applied Psychology, 93(2), 453-62.

Tip: You can find major guideline in the Attachment 1 in the syllabus (page 17) or you can use Purdue OWL Online lab for help with formatting your reference list.

Reference no: EM132281071

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