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Choose a marketing related article from a popular business periodical (e.g., Fortune, Business Week) or newspaper (e.g., Wall Street Journal) on a topic that interests you.

You should submit a 1-1.5 (single-spaced, length may vary depending on article content and length) write-up for each article. The first half of the write-up should summarize the article and the remainder should address how the article relates to the concepts and principles covered in the course. The article may address any aspect of marketing.

Your final submission should include your write-up as well as a scanned copy of the original article (or a link to it, if available online). You are welcome to submit this before the due date.

If you have any question about the suitability of an article for this exercise, please email a copy of the article to me for my comments.

Reference no: EM13889393

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