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Come up with 3 businesses that do not need technology to compete, and then demonstrate how technology can help your suggestions be more successful. For example - a hot dog stand. For example, the Internet could help the hot dog stand research local events and place itself accordingly so that it attracts the most customers.

Reference no: EM13227319

Identify what needs to be done to successfully implement

identify what needs to be done to successfully implement the chosen idea that he has arrived at. Which of the following stages of the model for creative decision making is H

What value chain activities might be important in securing

Review the information in Concepts & Connections 4.1(Gamble, J., Thompson, A. A., & Peteraf, M. A. (2015) concerning the value chain average costs of producing and selling an

Main contribution to the fundamentals of organizing

What was Graicunas' main contribution to the fundamentals of organizing? The central concern of span of management is to: One of Henri Fayol's guidelines for organizing resour

Statements is consistent with her observation

Which of the following is an important factor in forming successful business ventures in China? One can reasonably interpret the idea of guanxi, in the context of Chinese busi

Analysis about the movie the notebook

Write a reader response critique/analysis about the movie The Notebook. What is the thesis of the story? What is the point of The Notebook? What are connections to the movie f

Which option will return the most to bill

Bill Martin made an investment several years ago, and he now has an option as to how it will take the return on that investment. Option 1 is to receive an immediate cash payme

Calculate total contribution margin at the optimal price

Assume the following demand curve: Q = 50,400 1,200(P). Variable costs are estimated to be $25.55. Calculate total contribution margin at the optimal price. Round your answer

Determine how to schedule lummins employees

At Lummins Engine Corporation, production employees work 10 hours per day, four days per week. Each day of the week, at least the following number of employees must be working


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