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Go to the URL below, and you will find the case, Crest Ridge Construction Group, Inc. v. Newcourt, Inc., which was decided by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

Read through the case.

Write the "case brief" according to the instructions for briefing cases set forth in Appendix A in your textbook. If your "case brief" is not in such format, I will not grade it, thus no passing grade.

NOTE: A case brief is a summary of the case (a "mirror image"). Thus, focus on how the court arrived at its decision, not merely the decision.

After you have written the case brief according to that style, answer the following questions:

Visit URL:

Answer the following questions:

Question 1: What reasoning does the court give for its decision that the UCC should apply in this case?

Question 2: The court found that there was a valid contract in this case and that Newcourt breached the contract by demanding payment "up front" instead of on a forty-five-day billing cycle as was common in the industry. What was the offer? What was the acceptance?

Question 3: The concurring opinion by Judge Benavides offered a different explanation of how the contract was formed. Summarize his position. What about his position concerning the open-payment term on the purchase order? How should this open-payment term be filled?

Reference no: EM131071740

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