How should organizational leadership balance work and life

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Morrison, Elizabeth Wolfe. 1997. When employees feel betrayed: A model of how psychological contract violation develops. The Academy of Management Review, 22, no. 1: 226-256. (31 pages)

Stewart, D. Friedman, Perry Christensen, and Jessica DeGroot. 1998. Work and life: The end of the zero sum game. Harvard Business Review, (Nov-Dec): 119-130. (9 pages)

Nielson, Troy R., Dawn S. Carlson, and Melenie J. Lankau. 2001. The supportive mentor as a means of reducing work-family conflict. Journal of Vocational Behavior 59, no. 3 (Dec.): 364-381. (18 pages) [Available in the Science Direct database]


Required 1;

Dialogue -

1. How should organizational leadership balance work and life?

2. How does a Christian-biblical worldview perceive work-life differently than other worldviews?

3. Respond to, challenge, and assess critically the posts of at least three other students. Focus on expanding the understanding of the whole group.


Answer each question separately with references that may apply.

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Reference no: EM13890465

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