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Case study - AIDS in the Workplace


1. What are the moral issues in this case? What ideals. obligations, and consequences must Carla Lombard consider? What rights. if any are at stake? Will it make a difference whether Carla adopts a Kantian approath or a utilitarian approach to this situation?

2. Would it be wrong of Carla to ask Tom Walters about Ks health? Why or why not? Defend your answer by appqb moral principle.

3. Suppose Tom had AIDS. What should Carla do? Is an employee's HIV status a job-related issue? In particular, is it a factor Carla should consider in deciding whether to promote Tom? What part, if any. should the attitudes a! Tom's coworkers play in Carla's decision?

4. How should companies address the problem of public fear and prejudice when employees with AIDS have dre contact with customers?

5. Should companies develop programs or policies that do specifically with AIDS? If so, what characteristics should they have? Or should they deal with the problem only a case-by-case basis? Should large corporations dew AIDS-awareness programs? Or should AIDS be treate differently than any other disease?

6. Does Tom have a moral obligation to disclose his men condition to Carla - and, if so, at what point? support a job applicant has a chronic, potentially debilitating medical condition. Should he or she reveal that fad before being hired? Would disease if interviewer it be wrong not to meet' ase if the interviewer inquires about the applic health?

APA formatting is required and counts as 10% of the assignment grade. No abstract is required but you need to include a Title and Reference page. Make sure you know how to properly format to APA 6th edition standards. Research APA formatting if you are unsure!

Part One:

- Write-up to be no less than three (3) pages long and no more than five (5) pages using Word.

- Summarize the article - identify the ethical issue you are addressing by preparing a "bulleted" O/E/I ethical analysis (Shaw & Barry, 2014, pp. 80-81)

- Analyze the identified ethical issue(s) using O/E/I model

- Obligations- specific duties and rights

- Effects - consequences of action

- Ideals - morally important goals/virtues

- Present your solution - identify the relevant facts and moral principles; evaluate and discuss the choices and actions that you would have taken under the same circumstances, support your solution with appropriate background information.

- Conclude the report by recapping your decisions(s) and telling how your would implement your solution. You must cite our text at least once and include our text on a reference page.

Our book is

Shaw, W. H., & Barry, V. (2014). Moral issues in business (13th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage

Reference no: EM131056901

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